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Installing Chandler

You will need the following software for the installation:

  • Apache Web Server (2.4 or later) or NGINX
  • Composer (for setup)
  • ln program (for setup, comes with GNU Coreutils)
  • PHP (7.3 or later)
  • YAML extension
  • Percona Server or MySQL 8+ (with legacy auth mechanism)


Please note that libchandler uses Sodium PHP extension. This extension is included in default php7.3+ setup, but some hosting providers disable it. Please, contact your hosting provider and ask them whether Sodium is available.

Also, some plugins may require some additional dependencies from Packagist/NPM, so, you may need to have Yarn installed to correctly setup dependencies.

Installation steps

  • Clone this repo or just download this repo as archive and extract it
  • Run composer install
  • Download plugin, that provides Web App and extract it to extensions/available
  • Symlink plugin folder from extensions/available to extensions/enabled
  • Edit example config and remove -example from its name
    • Set root app to your Web App plugin
    • Generate your secret key (Random string, which length is exactly 128 characters)


    You can generate secret key using this command:

    cat /dev/random | tr -dc 'a-z0-9' | fold -w 128 | head -n 1

  • Create new VHost and point it's documentroot to htdocs folder

Last update: 2023-11-17