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How to create a Themepack?

Create a directory, the name of which should contain only Latin letters and numbers, and create a file there theme.yml, and fill it with the following content:

id: vk2007
version: ""
openvk_version: 0
enabled: 1
        _: "V Kontakte 2007"
        en: "V Kontakte 2007"
        ru:  Контакте 2007"
    author: "Veselcraft"
    description: "V Kontakte-stylized theme by 2007 era"


id is the name of the folder

version - version of the theme

openvk_version - version OpenVK (it is necessary to leave the value 0)


  • name - the name of the theme for the end user. Inside it you can leave names for different languages. _ (underscore) - for all languages.

Next, in stylesheet.css you can insert any CSS code, with which you can change the elements of the site. If you need additional pictures or resources, just create a res folder, and access the resources via the /themepack/{directory name}/{theme version}/resource/{resource} path.

To support the New Year's mood, which turns on automatically from December 1st to January 15th, create the file xmas.css in the res folder, and make the necessary changes.

After all, the directory hierarchy should look like this:

- res
  - {resources}
- stylesheet.css
- theme.yml

Lastly, put your theme to the "themepacks" folder in OpenVK root directory, and you're done!

Last update: 2023-11-17